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BUSINESS by MilesTM is management software that connects your company's departments and job functions, saving you time, money, and empowering your growth.

Get a seamless, fully-integrated business solution

  • Accounting

    • Initiate and manage sales orders
    • Generate one-time and recurring invoices
    • Manage your inventory
    • Allow customers to pay online and view account information
    • Simplify purchasing processes
    • Run comprehensive financial reports
  • CRM

    • Get a clear picture of your sales pipeline
    • Track communications and next steps with prospects
    • Set campaigns to send targeted emails to contacts
    • Capture contact information from your website
    • Nurture leads throughout your sales cycle
    • Incorporate surveys for customer feedback

    • Manufacturing resource planning software (MRP)
    • Project management
    • Inventory management software
    • Warehouse management software (WMS)
    • Allow customers and vendors to connect with your business
    • Assign work to subcontractors and track their status
  • HR

    • Enable candidates to easily apply online
    • Coordinate recruiting and employee management
    • Convert candidates to employees
    • Improve company-wide employee collaboration
    • Track time and attendance efficiently
    • Approve employee expense requests


Make informed decisions by tracking and managing your workflow.


Work better as a team by centralizing your data and sharing it across departments.


Improve your workforce efficiency with instant reporting and eliminated redundancy.


Get real-time data to reduce wasted time and make the best management decisions.

5 stars

"We recently switched over to BUSINESS and it has been fantastic! Finally, a platform that allows you to run your entire business without having to jump in and out of multiple programs. Our speed to market has increased dramatically thanks to the interaction process between staff, vendors, and customers. BUSINESS is cost effective, paperless, and web-based with an AWESOME support staff!"

– John Penna, Vice President / General Manager
McCollister's Transportation Group, Inc.

ERP for Midsize and Large Companies

As your organization continues to grow and stabilize, your challenges become more complex. When you're able to easily monitor employee progress, keep team members on the same page, and quickly analyze your performance, you'll make smarter decisions and foster better communication. BUSINESS helps you maintain an efficient workforce, create a stronger employee culture, and continue to compete effectively in your industry.

ERP for Small Business

In a crowded landscape, your small business needs to be faster and smarter than your competition. Don't let legacy software or unconnected systems fragment your business structure and slow your progress. BUSINESS helps you automate key processes and maximize the productivity of your workforce.

ERP for Startups

Your startup has a vision- get the tools to make it a reality. BUSINESS is the perfect solution for any company in its beginning stages. By connecting all of your core processes, you'll ensure that your plans run smoothly and you lay the foundation for future success. BUSINESS lets you grow with a single, powerful management software at an affordable price.

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People drive your processes

The best ERP system has to deliver more than data. By creating an intuitive interface that every employee can use, we've made it possible for people to access and interpret the information they need– quickly and efficiently.

Your business is only as good as your employees. Make sure your software gives them the power to perform at their highest potential.

BUSINESS Success Stories

BUSINESS helps a medical waste company reduce their reporting time, increase internal collaboration, and improve their customer support.

See how.

A restaurant group implements the accounting system in BUSINESS to get better data visibility and update their division management.

See how.

A design, engineering, and installation company uses BUSINESS to streamline their project management and enhance their customers' experience.

See how.

A manufacturing company uses BUSINESS to replace unintegrated software, connect their processes, and allow customers to better manage their orders.

See how.

BUSINESS organizes and improves recruiting processes for a customer engagement company by increasing efficiency with automation.

See how.

A leading transportation and logistics company uses BUSINESS to move core processes into a centralized, cloud-based system, making them faster and more efficient.

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It's BUSINESS as it should be

BUSINESS was designed by people who know what it takes to help companies run better.

How do we know?

We're experienced. With over two decades of expertise in IT and Software Services, we've collaborated to help thousands of businesses in dozens of industries make their operations more secure, efficient, and valuable to their customers.

Helping people accomplish more has always been our mission. Now, it's the heart of our software.

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We offer simple, straightforward pricing plans that fit your company's needs. You can even get started right now at absolutely no cost, with no credit card required. There's no trial, expiration date, or contractual obligation on any of our plans. Period.