Project Management Software

BUSINESS by Miles™ centralizes all of your data so you can keep employees and customers in the now. With our project management tools, gain full control over your projects with a collaborative and accessible portal.

Task & Work Order Tracking Get Organized Complete tasks on time. Create, assign, and track.

Project Tracking

With BUSINESS you can track projects from start to finish while keeping all of your data in one centralized and accessible location.

  • Set and track project budgets
  • Create project workflows
  • Upload data and documents directly into project repositories
  • Set target dates and milestones


Task Management

Create and assign tasks to your team. Set expectations for customers and employees. Get alerts for new and soon-to-be-due tasks.

  • Dynamic tasking system allows for detailed descriptions and attachments
  • Task alert system for newly assigned and soon-to-be-due tasks
  • One place where documents can be easily stored and shared
  • Set roles and expectations

Customer Portal

Enable customers and vendors to connect with your business easily and efficiently through the BUSINESS collaborative portal.

  • Cloud accessible on any device
  • Customers can view projects and request additional tasks
  • Send project status notifications to clients
  • Create transparency between companies