HR Software

BUSINESS by Miles™ is a fully functional human resources system that gives you the ability to manage and communicate with potential candidates, as well as your existing workforce. No matter the size of your business, having one system to organize employees can be a huge time-saver. BUSINESS enables you to coordinate everything from time and attendance to onboarding and expenses in one easy-to-use cloud-based system.

Human Resources Management Streamlined Manage, coordinate, and collaborate with existing employees and recruits


You want to hire the best candidates for your business. Having a smooth and comprehensive recruiting process can go a long way to ensuring you secure top talent. Build a pipeline of recruits for future hires.

  • Candidates can complete applications and upload resumes through candidate portal
  • Schedule interviews and appointments
  • Send tasks for recruits to complete such as upload documents and complete assessments
  • Customize recruiting workflows by position



Once your candidate has gone through the recruitment process, transferring them into your employee base is easy and seamless. BUSINESS provides a smooth process to help get talent integrated quickly.

  • Enable new employees to complete agreements and onboarding forms electronically
  • Organize onboarding efforts through workflows for new employees, managers, and other staff
  • Integrated HR & Recruiting allows seamless integration of employee information


Manage and communicate with your business's most important asset: your employees. BUSINESS facilitates the sharing of ideas across job functions, so you can be sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Track information on employee benefits, salary, job history, and more
  • Up-to-the-minute feed for employees to share news and announcements
  • One place where documents can be easily stored and shared
  • Collaborate with shared calendars, surveys, and integrated forums

Time & Expenses

Tracking employee time off, approving expenses, and tracking time can be time-consuming tasks for any HR department. BUSINESS makes these processes more efficient so your employees can spend time focusing on what they do best

  • Self-service portal for employees to track time and submit expenses on-the-go from their mobile devices
  • Make sure expense requests are funneled to the right person
  • View global vacation calendar to ensure staff coverage