ERP Case Study: Management and Sales Solutions

A leading transportation and logistics company uses BUSINESS by MilesTM to move core process into a centralized, cloud-based system, making them faster and more efficient.

The Company

A leader in transportation and logistics services for over 70 years. Founded in 1945, they specialize in high value transportation, warehousing & distribution, office & facility relocations, data center migration & deconstruction, and rigging & installation. They have grown their company to deliver transportation, storage, and handling systems that meet only the most sophisticated standards.

The Challenge: Management and Visibility

The company needed better visibility into their sales and delivery fulfillment operations. Their major challenges included: managing their pipeline, quotes, and orders; approval for the sales group and projects; tasks, scheduling, and resource management for the delivery and fulfillment group. While they had processes in place, they didn't have a centralized system. As a result, they were having trouble adequately tracking and managing orders, which caused confusion between sales, scheduling, and delivery.

The BUSINESS Solution: Faster Processes

Step 1

Using BUSINESS, the company was able to transition their sales, project management, services management, recruiting, and accounting in a single system. They added their sales team to BUSINESS, moving all quotes and orders within the system and began managing client approvals through the Customer Portal. With this change, they could have a fully executed copy of each order, with all terms and conditions stored inside it.

Step 2

By implementing quote and sales order templates, they drastically improved their quoting and final order processes. With simple approval from the client, the appropriate personnel could be notified of an acceptance and could begin planning a project. While this process formerly took days to clearly communicate between parties, it is now done instantly in BUSINESS. Our system easily adapted to their process and unique division needs.

The Result: Efficient Processes and Improved Customer Service

Today, the company's entire operation is running more efficiently. Their ability to make decisions in real time has increased, their processes are streamlined, and they are able to exceed customer expectations from the sales process through scheduling and delivery. Their customer satisfaction ratings and employee efficiency have increased. In their words: "we're not sure how we actually operated before BUSINESS."

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