ERP Case Study: Accounting and Customer Support

BUSINESS by MilesTM helps a medical waste company improve their reporting and customer support.

The Company

A leader of streamlining and efficiency in the medical waste disposal industry. They provide reliable and cost-effective medical and pharmaceutical waste disposal to hospitals, emergency care clinics, dentists, funeral homes, long-term care clinics, and physician practices.

Challenge #1: Reporting Limitations of Quickbooks

Quickbooks didn't meet the company's daily reporting standards. With too much time spent on running and exporting reports, data conflicts, and the limited functionality of a non-cloud based system, Quickbooks cost them precious time and accounting accuracy.

The BUSINESS Solution: Reduce Report Building Time

Once the company imported their data to BUSINESS, they used the Transactions Details Dataset to create a report showing bill details, such as the item quantity, description, and price. They also displayed the vendor and customer associated with each transaction, allowing the company to clearly evaluate their success per subcontractor.

Challenge #2: Improving Customer Support

The company handled support items through phone calls or emails stored within Salesforce, which did not easily allow their management to see customer activity. Their customer advocates worked hard to respond to their customers, but because of the high volume, they needed to move the support process into a cloud-based ERP system.

The BUSINESS Solution: Centralize Support Items

The BUSINESS team gave their management the ability to run metrics on resolved and ongoing support items. By recreating each "case" type they had in Salesforce as task types in BUSINESS, they could now manage support details from a centralized, easily accessible location. The company also added default due dates and times into each support type to evaluate resolution priority without taking any extra steps.

The Result: Responsive Support Services

The easily organized support details in BUSINESS have allowed the company to provide more responsive customer service. Our Partner Portal has also increased collaborative efforts between their customer advocates and clients.

Through their ability to submit requests or view updates within BUSINESS, customers now have a better understanding of the value they receive by using the company's services.

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