ERP Case Study: Integrated Accounting and CRM

A manufacturing company uses BUSINESS to replace unintegrated software, connect their processes, and allow customers to better manage their orders.

The Company

A manufacturer of custom horse blankets, tackroom drapes, and trunk covers since 1972. They currently make items for some of the most prestigious show barns and horse shows in the country, as well as for private horse owners nationwide.

Challenge #1: Detached Systems & Order Redundancy

Before moving to BUSINESS, the company used two unconnected systems to handle their daily order workflow. They were creating two separate identical orders: one in their database and one in Quickbooks. Their process took twice as long to accomplish what should have been more efficient.

The BUSINESS Solution: Centralize Financial Accounts

Using Sales Order Types in BUSINESS, they connected orders with invoices, allowing them to eliminate an unnecessary step in their process. As a replacement for their old systems, BUSINESS easily resolved their redundancies and streamlined efforts, saving them valuable reporting time.

Challenge #2: Lack of Customer Visibility

In using Quickbooks, their customers couldn't view the progress of their orders and invoices. The company managed communication with customers either by physically mailing orders and invoices for approval or emailing them. These workflows created delayed approval and production times.

The BUSINESS Solution:
The Partner Portal

Using the Partner Portal in BUSINESS, they have reduced processing time in several ways. Not only has their order approval process become faster, but by integrating with, they can now further expedite it by entering credit cards directly in the portal. Their customers now see the sales order and invoice details, and can even download and print PDFs in the portal.

The Results: Integrated Processes & Time Saved

Better Management

Today, the company uses BUSINESS daily to manage their accounting, customer service, and sales process. They have saved countless hours of redundant work and miscommunication, while allowing their customers greater visibility into sales orders and invoices.

Improved Accuracy

They no longer experience inaccuracies that come with manually entering information twice. BUSINESS has replaced their patchwork of unintegrated systems to give them a simple, elegant solution to their essential accounting and CRM needs.

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