ERP Case Study: Integrated Accounting and CRM Processes

A major restaurant group in need of an ERP system implements BUSINESS by MilesTM to oversee and control their financials.

The Company

An award-winning restaurant and catering group with locations throughout the Philadelphia region.

The Challenge: Inaccessible Data and Inefficient Reporting

Their accounting system lacked the data accessibility and filtering options necessary to provide concise, streamlined reporting. As a result, they couldn't get an accurate snapshot of their overall profits. They needed to connect their accounting and CRM with the visibility of an ERP system.

The BUSINESS Solution: Centralize Financial Accounts

The company saw how using BUSINESS would improve their reporting process and division management. By running a more versatile profit and loss report in our system, they generated precise financial data. Their new reporting accuracy allowed them to develop the best cost-saving strategies necessary for their business.

The Result: Accuracy and Growth

Streamlined Accounting

The company's transition to BUSINESS has improved their processes. They are implementing the customer portal to receive payments internally and connect them directly to invoices, creating a more streamlined accounting experience.


The ease of use and organization they get from BUSINESS better defines the role of each employee in the company. Employees now communicate more productively and save time when collaborating on projects.


BUSINESS has allowed the company to grow within the system. Today, they have over 15 employees who use BUSINESS on a regular basis for both their accounting and CRM and have become power users of the system.

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