ERP Case Study: Project Management Solutions

BUSINESS by MilesTM helps a design, engineering, and installation company streamline their management processes and improve their customers' experiences.

The Company

A design, engineering, installation, and service organization with over 20 years of experience in residential and commercial electronic installations. They work with clients, architects, interior designers, and home builders throughout the east coast.

The Challenge: Understanding Roles and Managing Deadlines

The company was entering quoting data on an antiquated system, performing accounting through Quickbooks, and handling project management through spreadsheets and emails.

Without a system to streamline their operations, they were experiencing confusion and missing crucial project deadlines. They also needed to differentiate work assignments in multiple projects.

The BUSINESS Solution:
Access and Insight

Using BUSINESS, they created task types, allowing them to categorize internal process and customer support tasks. They also implemented assignment categories in the Partner Portal, which are visible to their customers. Their customers now have greater insight into the status and progress of the company's external projects.

The Result: Improved Project Management

The company now manages all of their projects within BUSINESS. They track time against each project to allow for extensive management reporting. Customers have more project accessibility and can approve sales orders in the Partner Portal. Having all of these tools within one system has given the company the visibility and collaboration tools they needed to successfully complete and manage their projects.

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