ERP Case Study: Enhanced HR Process

BUSINESS by MilesTM improves recruiting processes for a customer engagement company by increasing efficiency with automation.

The Company

Provides personnel, logistics, management, and infrastructure resources to both Fortune 500 and emerging companies that include telecommunications, energy, waste, nonprofit, public sector, and retail. Conducting campaigns in over 150 U.S. markets and Puerto Rico, they specialize in providing person-to-person professionals for companies' customer engagement needs.

Challenge: Disorganized Forms and Limited HR Software

The company was looking for a simple solution to house all of their onboarding and recruiting documents in one location. Because their previous HR software only captured signatures and created documents as templates, they couldn't add steps to forms or choose between manual and automated processes. Its limited recruiters to organizing all contacts individually, causing user errors from duplication and disorganization.

The BUSINESS Solution: Organize Forms and Automate Processes

Using the digital flexibility of BUSINESS, they customized their job forms by creating specific steps linked to the appropriate jobs and determining form groups and priority. The system allowed them to automate their posting process, with the option for manual posting when necessary. Automation let their recruiters contact candidates on a regular basis during the application process.

The Results: Connected and Efficient HR

Functional Data

They are now tracking information for over 1300 employees in BUSINESS. They have added more than 270 forms in the system, which instantly connect candidates to recruiters.

Automated Steps

Their automated steps send emails and forms, helping employees spend less time on data entry and find more productive roles within the company.

Document Visibility

Visibility and accurate timing for document sending are no longer issues; overall, their HR processes are far more streamlined and efficient with BUSINESS.

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