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Company HUB


HUB is a centralized location within BUSINESS for users to store and share links, documents, and other content within a company. The HUB allows you to create sections for classifying and organizing content. Within each section, you can create content groups and add folders to each group for an additional level of organization.

Resource Navigator

Resource Navigator

Quickly find tasks, orders, customer information, and more by using the BUSINESS Resource Navigator. The Navigator quickly searches through everything you have stored or created in BUSINESS, so you always have quick access to your company’s most critical assets.

ppointments Calendar

Appointments Calendar

Make collaboration with your coworkers and contacts effortless. The BUSINESS calendar allows staff to track and manage appointments, view peers calendars, and request meetings with customers and vendors. It also integrates with Google Calendar allowing for additional alerts and functionality.

BUZZ Newsfeed


Buzz is an internal newsfeed available to all employees to view and post. Important company information can be published for every employee to view and optionally, each employee can "subscribe" to Buzz to receive emails when a new post goes up.

User Roles Management

User Roles Management

User Roles are highly customizable to help your organization maintain the desired levels of security. You can create permissions based on job title or individual permissions relevant to individual employees in addition to job title roles.

Team Efficiency Reports

Team Efficiency Reports

The Team Efficiency Report is used to calculate the average response and resolution times for employee tasks. This can be extremely useful for companies that have Service-Level Agreements with their clients.

Dashboard Customization

Dashboard Customization

The BUSINESS Dashboard is a customizable landing page that provides a quick view of aspects of your business. It is the quickest way to see what's going on in your organization without having to go through each module separately.

Goal Tracking


Goals can be used to track high-level personal, company, or team objectives. Users can choose start and end dates for each goal, the employee(s) responsible, and the current status of the goal.