CRM Software

From cultivating leads with your prospects to servicing your existing client base, BUSINESS by Miles™ offers a fully-functional customer relationship management system. Having everything in one place makes the process of taking on clients and expanding your business more streamlined and efficient.

Customer Relationship Management Simplified Keep your contacts and communications organized

Opportunity & Pipeline Management

The CRM system functionality within BUSINESS enables you to keep your salesforce organized and positioned for success. See exactly what the status of each specific sales opportunity is so you can coordinate your efforts efficiently and effectively.

  • Set automatic reminders to ensure contact with prospects
  • Track sales analytics to improve your sales process
  • Easily track communications with prospects and customers with integrated messaging
  • Track and monitor potential revenue


Communicate exactly the way you want to with clients and prospects with automated email workflows in BUSINESS. The ability to craft the precise wording and timing of your message allows you to mold the buyer's journey.

  • Easily track communications to ensure nothing falls through the cracks
  • Incorporate surveys for customer feedback
  • Trigger automatic emails and reminders based on attributes of the opportunity
  • Improve customer service through increased responsiveness

Web Form

Your sales team needs quality leads to be successful and bring in customers for your business. With fully-customizable web form integration, you can be sure that your sales team has all the information it needs flowing into BUSINESS.

  • Customize forms to match your website’s style and to gather the exact information you need
  • Automatically capture leads and convert to prospective customers
  • Integrating forms into your website is easy– you don't need to be a webmaster to do it