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The World's Most Advanced Business Productivity Software

The World's Most Advanced Business Productivity Software

business by MILES is a cloud-based Business Productivity Software (BPS) system that brings all aspects of your business together in one place, enabling your entire team to work smarter and better accomplish your company's goals.


What is Business Productivity Software (BPS)?

Business Productivity Software (BPS) improves an organization's ability to collaboratively accomplish its core business processes and mission.

Other productivity tools help individuals improve their singular productivity, often for just a small subset of their assigned tasks. The primary purpose of Business Productivity Software (BPS), however, is empowering people to work better both individually and collaboratively from almost every angle. In turn, this helps businesses become more productive and profitable entities.

BPS systems support and integrate both data and processes for nearly every aspect of a business:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Executive Management
Make Better Business Decisions.

business by MILES can house information about your customers, vendors, subcontractors, employees and job applicants. Multiple integrations can also connect sales, financial and payroll information. The bottom line? All of the information you need to make smart business decisions is at your fingertips.

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Anywhere - On Any Device

Anywhere – From Any Device.

business by MILES is 100% functional and optimized for all mobile devices – smartphones, tablets and standard computers. No separate mobile app needed! In the office or on the go, from your desktop or your mobile phone, check your calendar, schedule a new meeting, review reports, track projects and more.

Nothing Falls Through the Cracks.

Track everything from start to finish and be one of those companies that truly has all its ducks in a row.

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Streamline Your Business.

Provide instant quotes via email and your customers approve electronically through the customer portal, making contract management exponentially more efficient. No more paper contracts to be printed, faxed and filed.

Customers make payments online in the customer portal and receive automated notifications when the next invoice is due. That means your business gets paid faster!

Empower your customers to use the portal and service themselves by submitting requests for help or new work as well as check the status of their projects. Customers feel at ease; your company saves time and money, and becomes much more efficient.

Start using business by MILES today without migrating off your
existing systems.

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